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I specialize in self-published romance and mystery projects.  I can also help authors struggling to get noticed by traditional publishers. Let's talk about your book or series concept, together we can identify opportunities to engage the reader so they fall in love with your writing. 

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10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me

  1. I have a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Washington.

  2. My focus in college was Medieval Literature, because Shakespeare was just too mainstream.

  3. Since then I have became an expert in romance novels and read over 100 last year alone. I read non-fiction and other genres, too, but there's nothing like a good HEA.

  4. Every day starts with coffee or it doesn't start.

  5. I bake the best cranberry scones. Seriously.

  6. Red is my favorite color (which makes perfect sense for an editor). I own six different pairs of red shoes, five red sweaters, three red purses and quite a few other red accessories.

  7. I'm a tech geek, fluent in both Mac and PC apps.

  8. There are 10+ Lego spaceships prominently displayed in my living room. Most are from Star Wars, but a few other franchises make an appearance as well. I do not have small children - hubby and I started getting sets for each other as a joke 10 years ago and it kind of became our thing. I also put out a few Lego sets at Halloween and Christmas time.

  9. I am a dedicated volunteer. I have been a leader in my local 4-H Club for fifteen years and during that time I have held a number of positions including County Key Leader, Camp Director, All-Star Adviser, Club Leader, and Project Leader.

  10. I love the ocean. It is my happy place and where I go when my soul needs filling.