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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I have a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Washington.
  2. My focus in college was Medieval Literature, because Shakespeare was just too mainstream. 
  3. Since then I have became an expert in romance novels and read over 100 last year alone. I read non-fiction and other genres, too, but there's nothing like a good HEA.
  4. Every day starts with coffee or it doesn't start. 
  5. I bake the best cranberry scones. Seriously.
  6. Red is my favorite color (which makes perfect sense for an editor). I own six different pairs of red shoes, five red sweaters, three red purses and quite a few other red accessories.
  7. I'm a tech geek, fluent in both Mac and PC apps.
  8. There are 10+ Lego spaceships prominently displayed in my living room. Most are from Star Wars, but a few other franchises make an appearance as well. I do not have small children - hubby and I started getting sets for each other as a joke 10 years ago and it kind of became our thing. I also put out a few Lego sets at Christmas time.
  9. I am a dedicated volunteer. I have been a leader in my local 4-H Club for thirteen years and during that time I have held a number of positions. Currently, I am the County Key Leader and one of the Camp Directors, and I lead a Leadership Project for teenagers.
  10. I love the ocean. It is my happy place and where I go when my soul needs filling.