I Will Fight You On This

Let's talk altercations. Fight scenes make for great entertainment. Whether it is a hero in a bar fight, a heroine taking down the bad guy, or a vampire trying to sink her teeth into a bear shifter, a good fight scene drives the story forward and keeps readers turning pages.

However, fight scenes are particularly difficult to write because there's a lot of physics, as well as physicality, to think about. You can use movie scenes to get the movement straight in your head, or maybe you have a life partner willing to take one on the chin for the sake of your art. 

I came across this article on Pinterest called 8 Things Writers Forget When Writing Fight Scenes. It was written way back in 2012, but I think a lot of the lessons hold true. Her first suggestion is to worry less about the technical details and more about the emotion of the fight. 

Sometimes, we can get too deep into the technicality of a scene and clog the flow with too many details. Fights are usually highly emotional activities with bodies moving more by instinct than plan. The same holds true for sex scenes, but that is another post. 

Another tip is to make sure you have the right level of realism in there. If your heroine has never thrown a punch, she is not likely to hold it together during an extended fight. She will break her hand with the first punch so make it count. By the same token, someone who fights frequently, even medieval warriors, are going to be sore after a battle. 

What are some of your favorite fight scenes from books or movies? 

Also, if you have a great method of planning a fight scene (action figures, anyone?) then let me know how you make them awesome.