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I want your project to be awesome. If you need help that's not listed below, contact me anyway. Maybe we can work something out. 

Mini-Developmental Edit - $0.005 per word

Developmental editing looks at the book as a whole, identifies issues with story elements such as mythology/world building, characters, plot/premise, pacing, etc. I will also be looking for opportunities to add emotional depth and connection. Identified issues include suggestions for resolution in an editorial letter as well as comments made directly in the manuscript. I call this a mini-developmental edit because in traditional publishing, these editorial letters can take months to put together and provide in-depth analysis of every aspect of the book. My goal is to quickly provide specific, actionable feedback for the author that is helpful without being overwhelming. This service does not include correcting typos, spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

Line Edit / Copyedit / Proofread Package  - $0.015 per word

A thorough review of the manuscript to identify stylistic errors, scenes that need work, and character issues. I provide suggestions for how to address these problems. If you need to add word count or have a specific concern, I will address that, too. The goal here is to create a richer reader experience.  This service includes a two looks at the manuscript—the second look will either be a copyedit or proofread, depending on the state of the manuscript.

Proofread - $0.008 per word

This is the final correction of typos, spelling, grammar, and punctuation for a manuscript that is ready to publish. I will also check for consistency with names and world-specific details. This service does not include feedback about the story.  

Payment information

Once we have discussed your project (in person, by phone, or in email), I will send an estimate for the time required and the cost of services. If you decide to move forward, 50% of estimated cost must be paid prior to the start date. Final payment is due once work is completed.