Speaker Topics

I love to chat with writers. I have a few topics ready to go, or I can customize a topic for you. Use the contact form to tell me about your group and what you would like to learn. 


5 Secrets to Being on the Keeper Shelf

Some books stay with readers forever, earning a spot in their hearts and their homes. Why can't yours? We will discuss how memory works, story elements that stand out, the powerful magic of ambiguity, and much more.

Available as a lecture or workshop.

Kind words from workshop participants

"I was really inspired at the meeting and generated both a good "turning point" and valuable ideas for my work-in-progress. Thanks!"

"Was amazing! Thanks Jen!!"

"Great workshop!"

"Excellent presentation."


Help! My Brain is Full

Pages of notes, loads of business cards, story ideas pinging around the brain like a pinball machine... Conferences are great for motivation, but the challenge is taking those ideas and applying them to the business of writing. We will talk about various methodologies for organizing your thoughts, create project plans for your business and books, and decide what to tackle first.

This workshop was developed for conferences, but is also great for groups.


Getting Started with Social Media

Everyone says you need to be on social media, but where on earth do you start? We will cover the basics of how to get started with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We will talk about how they work, how to find your readers, and how to keep your private life private. We will also talk about how to plan and organize your posts so it doesn't take all day.

This is an interactive workshop, plan to bring your smart phones and laptops. 

Kind words from workshop participants

"Terrific evening."

"Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge about social media... it was a fun evening."